An Abbreviated Guide to Building, Training and Scaling an Enterprise Sales Team, Part I: What is My Purpose

Enterprise Software Sales Guide, Part 1:

Over the next few blogs posts, I’ll be presenting a high-level overview of a typical enterprise software sales process as well as some resources I’ve found particularly useful.

Bottom Line Up-front:

  • Everyone in the organization must strive to delight their users/customers/prospects. Regardless of the commercial opportunity,  your sales team needs to treat the people they interact with compassionately and with the goal of building them up as advocates for your product.  Your long-term success will be greatly influenced by your NPS
  • During any evaluation of your product, your team must drive the success criteria toward your product’s unique advantages
  • Your team needs to constantly seek alignment with their prospect, nearly all prospect frustration comes from a  misalignment of buying and selling stages.
  • Anyone who is planning to lead a team of sales reps should read the following:
    • “The Challenger Sale”  it highlights a good philosophy for how you should train and who you should hire to be the face of your company
      • In general, the enterprise software buyer is well informed, your sales team needs be able to credibly talk about your domain and provide useful insights.
    • Predictable Revenue” is great because it illustrates what your sales org should look like by the time you reach $1-3M in revenue

What is my Purpose?

The goal of an enterprise sales team is not to make something out of nothing (though the best organizations seem to do so).

The goal of an enterprise sales team is to:

  • Increase the probability of conversion for a given opportunity to won businesses
  • Reduce the length of time between opportunity creation and the execution of a purchase
  • Increase the recurrent revenue and total contract value of a given purchase decision

An excellent enterprise sales team:


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An Abbreviated Guide to Building, Training and Scaling an Enterprise Sales Team
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